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Laminating printer has four advantages Introduction

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Each printing unit is rotated by a gear mounted on the main wallboard. Cascading mimeograph can print 1-8 color, but usually 6 colors.


    Laminating printer has four advantages:


    1. Can be monochrome, multicolor printing presses for reel material, the transmission line by changing the substrate, or by means of turning roller can achieve double-sided printing.


    2. To discuss a wide range of printing materials be sheetfed, cardboard, corrugated and other rigid materials, and may be in roll form, such as self-adhesive paper and newspapers and other materials. The viscosity of printed materials must use the viscosity cup accurate measurement.


    3. Finishing strong printing unit and processing functions can be flexibly configured according to the needs of users, unit-type flexographic printing machine can be easy to install auxiliary equipment, can be combined with auxiliary processing, as light, die-cutting after printing. Easy operation and maintenance, good performance can be measured using dyne pen tension.


    4. Suitable for short-run printing unit station and more than one machine, in small quantities, delivery urgency, the need employment bit more special printed materials, the use of such devices has advantages.


    5. Now high-speed multi-color printing standardization of parts, GM parts, product serialization level compared Gao, the design has advanced. Such as attached to the tension side position, registration and other automatic control system.


    6. Each imprint unit arranged a short distance flexographic printing machine pitch is small, easy to multi-color overprint, the machine is capable of printing high accuracy trademarks, packaging and other small print, small print for stretchable material, overprint results are better.