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Components and its role flexographic printing press

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Flexographic printing presses has four main components, namely unwinding feed parts, printed parts, components and drying rewinders rewinding member. In modern flexographic printing presses, as well as the general tension control, edge position control, register control, observation and monitoring device printing and machinery condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system.


    In order to expand the scope of application, in some flexographic printing press is also equipped with coating, laminating, stamping, cutting, cutting, drilling, screen printing, gravure printing unit and other devices to become the flexo joint production line.


    Flexo printing speed generally reach 150m / min (or even higher), under normal operating conditions, in order to reduce waste volumes down to change the number and reel material, it must be fitted with roll feeding device, simple structure. Unwinding feed means is the role of the rolled substrate material to expand continuously, stably fed printing materials printing components and printed material to reach before the first printing unit, controlling its speed, tension and lateral position. Unwinding feed member has a roll cage and a set of guide rollers composed of a printed reel rack member arranged in a line. Roll stand with electric or hydraulic lift control element, generally by a pneumatic locking elements roll axis, the end of the roll is equipped with detectors.


    Unwinding feed member also has an electromagnetic brake tension system digital control, unwinding feed member and flexographic printing presses tension control system architecture. His different substrates can make the best tension control, and from dust to fouling. Wherein the tension compensation control loop-type self-testing system, when the roll diameter continuously decreases, so that can maintain a continuous paper (or film) tension stability.


    Unwinding feed member is also equipped with a drive roller mechanism. A driving roller is easy to adjust the variable speed feed rollers, which controls the smooth entry speed web printing units, and with the reel brake device unwinding tension strip together to adapt to different substrates (card the production of paper, tissue paper, plastic film, etc.), while ensuring that the web to maintain the correct longitudinal position.


    Unwinding machine structural material for the dancer roller member, can reduce the volatility of unwinding tension, while reducing downtime to replace the roll when, in order to improve the efficiency of flexographic printing presses, most flexographic printing presses are equipped with a continuous roll change It means, in the case of non-stop, the reel connected, this is the dancer becomes more important.


    High-end flexo unwinding feed device comes with side level control system, an edge position control systems installed in front of the printing unit, the other side of the level control system is installed in front of the die-cutting station. This design makes the roll throughout the production process is maintained in the correct position.